Auto Carpet

Does your car need auto carpet repair?
Could your auto carpet use a good cleaning?
Does your car shine and sparkle on the outside, but look like an old clunker on the inside?

Sometimes, refreshed carpet is all you need to bring your car from “eeww” to “WOW”! Let us bring your car’s softest surfaces back to new (and often better!). Starting at only $200, no job is too big or too small. Whether all it needs is auto carpet cleaning, refresh or new carpet, rest assured that the expert techs at Chair Care Upholstery will take care of your vehicle as if it were their own.

Want to go beyond the limits of stock auto carpet and exceed the confines of “normal”?

When it comes to the inside of your vehicle, Chair Care Upholstery uses the best carpet offered on the market. We only install the latest, high-quality carpeting available.

Quality Auto Carpeting

Chair Care Upholstery can help you replace your carpet no matter the make or model. Rest assured, our auto carpet install as well as repairs are guaranteed to enhance the look of your vehicle. We use 100% nylon fiber materials, pre-molded so they’ll fit into almost any vehicle!

We also offer vinyl flooring for the complete outdoor adventure seeker. Whether off-roading or camping, these floors are durable and can withstand the elements. All of our auto carpet work is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


Auto Carpet Cleaning Service

If your car has dealt with flood damage from a recent storm, we can help! Spilt drinks, food, or dirt in the carpet? We’ll clean your car’s insides, deodorize it, and make sure it’s dry. We’ll also replace the jute padding and reinstall the cleaned carpet.

Feel free to submit your information for a free estimate today on carpet! We will get back to you as soon as possible and start your journey towards a car interior you can be proud to enter. We are ready for your custom work as well!

Calling? Make sure to mention the promo code CARPET200 for a special web-visitor discount!

In addition, some of our other claims to fame include:

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