Why Chair Care Upholstery Shop?

Simply, Chair Care Upholstery Shop takes great pride in the quality of our workmanship.  Due to our genuine concern about each piece we see, we maintain particularly stringent standards and quality control procedures.  Our use of traditional upholstery methods along with modern materials allows us to provide you with a rejuvenated product oftentimes better than the original.  We do not simply replace the fabric; we reduce the item to its frame and begin completely anew the upholstery process. Chair Care upholstery does not contract out its labor to other upholsterers; we believe the best tool for success is personalized service.

How much will it cost?

There are many factors adding to the bottom line. Condition of the furniture, fabric choice, custom options and more.  Call us to discuss your project. We will help you decide whether it is worth it to you to reupholster your car, boat, furniture, etc.

Can I use my own fabrics?

You can use your own fabrics, but there are no warrantees offered. We will be happy to discuss your options with you.

What if my upholstery is fine, but the cushions are uncomfortable?

We can renew your furniture by constructing new cushion inserts!

Why should I reupholster my furniture instead of buying it new?

The furniture that you already own has a meaning very difficult to replace.  It may fit your space perfectly, be perfectly comfortable, or have a deep-rooted sentimental value.  Frequently, when you shop for furniture you find that the new ones are too wide, too small, too hard, or just not quite right.  When you think about it, maybe the only thing wrong with the old furniture is the fabric.  Inexpensive new furniture is achieved using inferior frames, fabric, and padding.  Good quality furniture will perform superbly for many years after the discount pieces have been hauled to the dump.  Often, furniture re-upholstery is the most sensible and cost-effective choice.  Upholstering can cost as much or as little as you wish to spend.  At Chair Care Upholstery, we strive to ensure our clients get the best quality while still staying within their budgets.  Each piece of furniture is unique so there is no simple answer to this question. The easiest way to obtain this information is to contact us for a free estimate.

Do I need to purchase fabric from Chair Care Upholstery or can I bring in my own fabric?

It is not necessary to purchase fabric from us.  We do not charge a cutting or COM (customer’s own fabric) fee.  However, there are many variables to keep in mind when choosing a suitable fabric, such as pets, children, area traffic, pattern size, texture, and whether it will be indoor or outdoor furniture.  If you are using COM, please note that each shop will have it’s own style of cutting, the layout will differ and so will the yardage.  Large prints and plaids will also affect the total yardage.

Can I have the style of my furniture changed?

Yes.  If you wish to have the style of your furniture changed to something more modern or classic, we can make that happen.  Small changes that can make a big difference include updating the legs of your furniture and changing the number of or restyling your cushions.

How can I get an estimate?

The most efficient way to click on the ‘Free Estimate’ link or email us at info@chaircareupholstery.com with a picture of the item you would like upholstered and the basic measurements (i.e. outside arm to outside arm) and style (i.e. number of cushions, buttons, skirt) of your furniture.  If you do not have access to email, you can also drop by our shop with a picture and measurements.  If the job is unusual or has many varied pieces, we are happy to make a house call.

How long will it take to have my furniture re-upholstered?

We are often scheduled out several weeks at a time.  Once a deposit is received we can give you a firm date.

Do you do any custom work?

Yes, we specialize in custom furniture, automotive and boat upholstery work.

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